From France, daily flights are operated by at least 3 major airlines (alphabetical ordre : Air Caraïbes, Air France, Corsair and XL Airways. Fares and quality of service may vary according to... we do not know!!!


Air Canada operates regular flight from Montreal, also from Boston with Delta Air Lines and American Air Lines. Schedule seems to be weekly and fares very irregular. Let's say about 600 Euros round trip.

Check their websites for details.

On-site car rental is ensured by many reputable national companies (rather costly even with "discounts") or local renters with tariffs and highly variable reliabilities. This goes from the best to the ... disaster! Caution!



Going to Guadeloupe is ensuring exotic holidays with exciting and varied activities. You must choose where to stay as there are significant differences between the two main islands.


Obviously, if you lodge on an island, you will often go to the other, but the choice depends on your primary attraction, both having their strengths.


Overall, the road system is decent and well maintained, but the locals have an... alien driving style!!! Be ready for anything, expect the worst, you will never be disappointed! In Guadeloupe nobody drives, one goes from one point to another ... with an awesome average of accidents and
fatalities but with no stress or klaxon!


Adapt, be cool and vigilant. No one is going to insult you or honk! They will be behind your bumper and pass you in like a tornado or... they will be ahead of you at 40 km/h!


CAUTION On main roads for radars! They have grown like bananas in the sun!


For driving, avoid the ring road of Pointe à Pitre (unfortunately unavoidable) between 6:30 AM and 8 am and between 16h and18h ​​...


Regarding fuel, just note that unlike in metropolitan France the price in Guadeloupe is unique, in station or supermarket. So no need to waste time searching for the best deal ...


So, Basse Terre or Grande Terre?? The following pages should guide this choice...