The west coast of Grande Terre is probably the least area attended by the visitors There are few hotel facilities, at least in the southern portion, less beautiful beaches and parks to visit.

 Nevertheless this side of the island deserves to spend and stop there.

The towns located there are not touristic, they do not have spices market, but they well represent Guadeloupe, with its peculiarities, places where life "an tan lontan" (in ancient times) has not always been easy.

When arriving from Pointe à Pitre, from the South, we first find Morne à l'Eau, a rather congested crossroads, noteworthy for its astonishing cemetery.

Heading towards the coastline we reach Vieux Bourg, a fishing village where it is pleasant to walk. Right next, the cove Babin, a beach without sand, but well renowned mud baths very beneficial for health.

Back on the main road, which penetrates inland before coming back the shore at Petit Canal. No beaches in this sector, the coast is entirely occupied by grass and mangroves. Petit Canal, is the bitter history of slavery.

By following the coast we arrive at Port Louis, another fishermen town, characteristic town with a beautiful beach.


Then we reach the northern part of the island ...

grande terre, guadeloupe, west coast, map West coast of the Grande Terre (Géoportail)