St. Francois is for a lot of visitors the top tourist destination: marina, beautiful beach, golf, aerodrome ...

Glamorous image, formatted, laminated! But St. Francois is much more than this flashy side because this town was at the beginnig a fisherman village and this aspect still exists, it has been thankfully preserved.

The town is located on the southern coast, last urban area before the Pointe des Chateaux, oceanic tip of the Grande Terre.

Before entry in the West a magnificent beach, Raisins Clairs, postcard scenery with clear waters, a swimming stop not to be missed, one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast.

saint francois, guadeloupe, beach, raisins clairs, sand The beach of the "Raisins Clairs" looking eastwards
saint francois, guadeloupe, beach, raisins clairs, sand The Raisins Clairs beach, looking towards Saint François. A real turquoise water pool

The city itself is well worth a visit to see its fishing harbor with its fish traps and nets, its pelicans, the church, the market and the ancient neighboring streets.


The east side is another world.

The world of the marina, with contemporary buildings, anchorages, a scenery looking somewhat like similar places in the metropolis.

This is a place more "continental France" more "connected" with modern shops, bars and restaurants, usually stylish.

This is the perfect starting point towards Petite Terre and Désirade.

It opens up on a superb golf course and the airfield, with lovely beaches on either side.

By continuing the road, discover other beaches before reaching the Pointe des Châteaux and the Salines.
Right outside of St. Francois, just facing the airfield, the old Méridien hotel, abandoned since 2009, possessed an outstanding beach. The building was destroyed and the location is to host another structure. The beach is still there ...

If this does not appeal to you, take the road towards the Pointe des Châteaux and stop on one of the small coves to La Coulée ... Just delightful!

Small overview of the beach of the former MERIDIEN hotel, when leaving the town eastbound.

saint francois, guadeloupe, grande terre, plage