The pointe des Châteaux (Castles point) is like a finger pointing to the East.


It is the most advanced spot of the Grande Terre, a rocky spur right in front of the island of La Désirade.


Like for the Grande Vigie in the North, that rocky landscape is reminiscent of the cliffs of Brittany, continuously undergoing the assaults of the sea and wind.


To get there, nothing more simple. Just leave St. François by always following the coast eastward, without branching off towards Le Moule.

After the creeks and beaches of the Coulée, after about ten kilometers we arrive at this narrow rocky mass that points eastward.

A wild, rough landscape,surmounted by a large cross.


One must climb the mound, the path having been well laid out and rehabilitated, stay at the foot of the cross and watch the headland into the sea and the great views at the base and both sides of the point. It is a tip of a land piece, one feels small and great at the same time!


Just north of this point, there is a very attractive beach ... but bathing is prohibited! We must respect this ban as the currents and swirls are very dangerous! You did not come here to drown, did you?


So,just go a while further north to the magnificent beach of Salines! Pale sand,translucent and calm waters, many fishes that await you if you have a mask!

There is only one default : no shadow! But swimming at this place is a total pleasure!

pointe des chateaux, guadeloupe, karukera, salines, antilles
pointe des chateaux, guadeloupe Pointe des Châteaux. The top, the cross and the forbidden beach.
pointe des chateaux, guadeloupe, karukera The whole rock, seen from the northern side of the beach

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pointe des chateaux, salines, guadeloupe, karukera The beach of the Salines, northbound view.
pointe des chateaux, salines, guadeloupe, karukera On theSalines beach, looking south towards the pointe des châteaux.

Some underwater friends

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