When leaving the Grande Vigie and by taking the road alongside the east coast, towards the Moule, we find again the shoreline with a particular lagoon, Lagoon of the Porte d'Enfer (Gate of Hell).
We must park on an earthy open space , on the right of the road, sadly in full sun.
It is a strip of sea which plunges into the coastline, peaceful and shallow with very warm water. Swimming is a pleasure for all ages? even by going in the middle. Some lovely fish to see.

The south bank contains carbets with benches and shaded places. A path allows you to mount for a hike to the "Trou de Madame Coco" large wide open crack, and further, the "Trou du Souffleur".

The north bank of the lagoon is less hospitable, less shady and more rocky, but it enables us to sit on the edge of bushes.
It is possible to walk to the entrance of the lagoon where the waves come knocking the rocks.

The pictures speak for themselves ... Not hell, but paradise!

porte enfer, guadeloupe, lagoon, anse bertrand The lagoon from the southern bank
porte enfer, guadeloupe, lagoon, anse bertrand The lagoon as seen from the back of the beach
porte enfer, lagon, guadeloupe, anse bertrand The lagoon from under the trees near the road
porte enfer, guadeloupe, lagon, anse bertrand