Anse Bertrand, except the city and incomparable Grande Vigie landscape also means superb beaches including the one called La Chapelle.


It is situated immediately south of the town down a small headland where there are toilets, showers and a nice restaurant (see above).


Immediately behind the remnants of a chapel which gives the place its name.


The beach is beautiful, a ribbon of fine sand with turquoise water protected by a reef. There are carbets and shade.


A very beautiful place to spend the day, peaceful during the week.


We can even observe pelicans engaged in fishing ...

la chapelle, guadeloupe, anse bertrand
anse bertrand, guadeloupe, la chapelle, plage La Chapelle beach, seen from the north

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Anse Laborde is a wonderful beach.


On leaving the town of Anse Bertrand by the North, towards the Grande Vigie, you will find a junction which, to the left, leads to drive along the rocky coast.


At the end a superb beach Anse Laborde. Easy parking, restaurant, toilets and a broad stretch of white sand with turquoise waters protected by a coral reef!


Idyllic, but CAUTION! South side rather rocky, few problems as the waves remain moderate. In the middle, protected under the coral reef, a genuine pool where currents to the North are still moderated.


But the entire northern part is forbidden swimming after several deaths.


In case of swell extremely powerful currents can carry the swimmer to the rocks located at the Northern end and throw him on the sharp cliff.


So, caution, but the beach is superb!

anse bertrand, anse laborde, guadeloupe
anse bertrand, anse laborde, guadeloupe, plage Plage Anse Laborde vers le Sud

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