Anse Bertrand is the most northerly located town in Guadeloupe. It is on the western coast of the Grande Terre, a little above the town of Port Louis.

 For anyone interested in soccer it is the hometown of French player Lilian Thuram.

The surrounding landscape is relatively flat, mostly composed of sugar cane fields. During the season the roads are traveled by large tractors pulling trailers packed with canes in order to be routed to refineries and distilleries. Compared to the south of Grande Terre constructions are less dense, much more scattered along a few roads or beside plantations. Here and there a few remains of the sugar windmills bear witness of the history of the region.

The town remains very natural, no modern structures or tourist artifices. A few interesting streets with their shops, restaurants and a rather attractive seaside.

Not many tourists stay at Anse Bertrand, visitors pass to view the outstanding places but, unfortunately, without really booking there.

But though there are a lot of attractive places. First of all the point of the Grande Vigie, this steeply cliff which forms the northern tip of the Guadeloupean archipelago, a wonderful view.

 Beside, there is an unparalleled variety of beaches and to show them well, these places have been detailed elsewhere.

South of the town the splendid beach of la Chapelle, so named because of the remains of the chapel in the north. Protected by a coral reef, well shaded, it is a very nice pleasant beach.

Continuing northward of the town the cove Laborde appears paradisiac. A postcard landscape ... but beware!

Completely Eastern on the opposite bank, Hell's Gate is the most poorly named placein Guadeloupe because it is instead idyllic. Go and see our virtual tour! A short walk will take you to hole of Mme Coco, stunning natural phenomenon.


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anse bertrand, guadeloupe, chapelle, beach Anse Bertrand southbound sight. On the background the beach of the Chapelle.

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