The northern part of the Grande Terre offers varied landscapes and activities. Inland is the kingdom of the sugar cane with mills and remains that reflect the sugar activity.


On the east coast the only town in the region, Anse Bertrand small town which has kept its original character, a little nonchalant. The family of french footballer Lilian Thuram comes from the place.


Just south of the town, a very nice beach, the beach of la Chapelle, peaceful and shaded.


When leaving Anse Bertrand northward, another amazing beach unfortunately with dangerous area, Anse Laborde.


The northern tip unveils beautiful scenery, among the finest of the archipelago, the Pointe de la Grande Vigie, very well appointed.


Going down the east coast towards the Moule, appears a place very badly named, Lagoon Porte d'Enfer (Hell’s Gate), in fact a true paradise!

guadeloupe, grande terre, north, map Northern region of the Grande Terre (Géoportail)