On Grande Terre the eastern coast is a relatively little popularplace, rather disregarded by tourists, and even Antilleans. This is certainly the least visited region of Guadeloupe, the one people and guides rarely talk about.


Globally the scenery is relatively little varied, the region is quite flat, especially devolved to the culture of sugar cane.

The road rarely runs along the coast and maritime landscapes are rare.


However, some places are worth to linger. First the main city Le Moule, who kept a true character, an authenticity while growing commercially and touristically. Beach, history and the site, all combine to give a very attractive place.


Slightly most southern The Porte d’Enfer (Hell’s Gate) of Le Moule, a rocky creek with waters of all hues of blue, some sandy spots and shadow is worth a stop or even a picnic!


Not to be missed on the road Zevallos house, an original mansion which would be haunted! To check … It is not opened for tours, but it is worth the look!


Slightly north of the Moule the beach of Anse Maurice, a well shaded place, a little rocky and very enjoyable for swimming and lounging. This beach does not belong to the town of Moule but to Petit Canal.

trande terre, east oast, le moule, zevallos, sugar cane The East coast of the Grande terre with some attractive places