The Grande Terre is the flat part, located next to the Atlantic Ocean. Very little relief except in the Grands Fonds, located east of Pointe à Pitre, south of Morne à l'Eau. Grande Terre is devoted to agriculture, mainly sugar cane.


 There are neither rivers nor waterfalls, but the shoreline is marked by stunning beaches real postcards sceneries The south coast, east of Pointe-à-Pitre is the favorite place for resorts, holiday villages and marinas. Fortunately the towns like Sainte Anne and Saint François have managed to keep, despite the tourist presence, a typical local character.


 For Le Gosier it is less successful, but there is the beautiful "Îlet Gosier", just a short distance from the shore, a heavenly place.


 Apart from the beaches, the Grande Terre includes several interesting towns such as Le Moule, Port Louis and Petit Canal, places full of of the tragic history of slavery, as well as stunning coastal landscape, such as Grande Vigie and the Pointe des Châteaux.


 It represents the perfect starting point for exploring the Désirade, Petite Terre and Marie-Galante. Tourism tends to evolve, relying less on large structures for the benefit of gites which provide a more "real" touch with the locals.


 The next pages show present a more visual face of Grande Terre, split into four geographical sections, with impressive areas that were visited. They will of course be frequently enhanced!


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Grande Terre guadeloupe map The Grande Terre (Géoportail)