vieux habitants, guadeloupe, eglise Le centre de Vieux Habitants (Photo Max Darlis)

This peaceful village is the oldest town in Guadeloupe, founded in 1636. Formerly devoted to the coffee farming the town is now very quiet, however animated by visitors coming to immerse themselves in the history and tradition of this coffee plantation.


In the village itself, the only curiosity lies in its church built in the 17th century by craftsmen of the Limousin. Visiting is alas impossible as it is closed, except during celebrations.


The attractiveness does not just comes from beaches, largely unrecognized. However inside the town the beach Simaho proves to be enjoyable especially as site development work has been done by the municipality. One can have lunch there with typical dishes at very affordable prices.

South of the village Rocroy Beach provides a small and quiet area with sheltered carbets, a shower and friendly little restaurant.


In addition, the fresh water swimming can be a treat by Grand Rivière. This one, right on the north end of the village, can be skirted by the road and provides real natural swimming pools lovely.


A few artisans in Vieux Habitants are worth visiting, especially GWADA KALBAS installed in Marigot to manufacture wonderful and creative ornamental lamps.

vieux habitants, guadeloupe, karukera, church Built by Freemasons from the Limousin region,the massive church is typical
vieux habitants, guadeloupe, karukera, street A peaceful street, like the whole town

South of the town, on the road leading towards Basse Terre, just after leaving the village a small path leads to Anse Rocroy. This place is a small grey sand beach, really quiet and enjoyable. Some shelters and tables, a small shower and a very affordable restaurant.

Really peaceful during the week, but sometimes quite popular for the week end.

On the north side of the town the road near the bridge follows the « Gran,d Riviere » This nice river is a suite of nice natural pools perfect for refreshing in fresh water while surrounded by the nature…

vieux habitants, guadeloupe, coffee museum, chaulet The entrance of the coffee museum, with its shop.

When leaving the village northbound, on the road leading to Bouillante, you will see ont the left after the bridge the « Musée du Café » (coffee museum », the Chaulet estate. A small museum with old machines, educational boards telling the coffee history and the technics, scale models… you will be immersed in the flavours as this place is always active, producing a well known brand.

vieux habitants, guadeloupe, maison du café, grivelière Le système hydraulique restauré

In Vieux Habitans, there is a mandatory visit. This place alone is a valid reason to come here, even if your stay is elsewhere in Guadeloupe : the compound “La Grivelière”, House of Coffee.

This place is located on the bank of the “Grand Rivière”. The road starts on the north of the town, near the bridge crossing the river, the site is indicated by a panel. You have to drive 5km on a quite narrow road. It can be driven by all kinds of cars, but slowly and carefully. You will pass superb rainforest landscapes. At the end the bounty, the domain the mountain Guadeloupian mountain agriculture “an tan lontan”, as nowadays…

A complete page has been devoted to this place, La Grivelière, in our section devoted to parks.

When going towards “La Grivelière”, House of Coffee, on the road coming along Grand Riviere, we arrive at the host table attached to the domain.

In a very pleasant landscape, a wooden house with a large shady terrace, a very friendly welcome for a single menu, each day different. All dishes are prepared on the site, creol traditional food with fresh local products. A real treat!

You can carry the dishes and enjoy them near the river, or in your lodge. Don’t miss that!

A special discount is offered fro all visitors of this website!

vieux habitants, guadeloupe, gite de rochers, gite, accomodation A view of the lodgings, with the swimming pool.

Because of its quietness, authentic character and specific localization, Vieux Habitants of a perfect place for a stay in Guadeloupe. The town is close to Saint Claude, hence the Soufrière volcano and its treks, close to the city of Basse Terre while allowing to quickly reach the northern part of the island with the scuba spots and the beaches of Malendure.

We especially suggest a nice accommodation on the heights of Vieux Habitants, at Cousinière the "Gîte de Rochers" chez Mme et Mr Beaugendre.


Just a few accommodations in a tropical garden around a nice swimming pool, with a stunning view on the Carribean sea and its sunsets. The welcome is very friendly ans the price… unbeatable! But BEWARE, capacity is very low, so reservations must be made very soon! For contact just visit this page.


The few images below can give you a fair idea of this place. Go there on our part!