Pointe Noire is one of the important cities on the west coast of Basse Terre. It stretches north of the “Route de la Traversée”, the road crossing the mountains of the Basse Terre to reach the other island, the Grande Terre, along a rather rocky shore, stuck between the sea and forested mountains.

It is a town which kept its identity, with a main street, Rue de la République, composed of old Creole townhouses with small shops. The parallel road, further inland, Baudot street, practicable in south-north direction, is far less appealing with its multiple speed bumps, its soulless college and trivial buildings.

Downtown one can stroll along the main street to see the church, the original memorial and the waterfront.

 Slightly to the south,  down below the road, the Caraïbes beach, although very pebbly in places, offers a lovely panorama and in the background some restaurants. Careful,  no way to park on weekends, it's full!

Further north, down below the road towards Deshaies, Petite Anse beach is friendly. A very clear and suitable cove for snorkeling! Caution the road is steeply inclined ... with a stop sign at the top!

Quite a lot of things to see nearby like Caféière Beauséjour, the cascade of the Saut d'Acomat or ouassous hatchery.

There was a wonderful park with Orchids which is no longer open for visits. All is restricted for cottages rental and massage services. Too bad...

Southern side do not forget to take, just prior to entering Pointe Noire, the road leading to the craftsman workshop arenophile "Rêve de Sable" with its lovely sand pictures. By continuing on this road a few kilometers we find a little serviced and flowered sanctuary. The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared. At the bottom of the sanctuary the river with fresh water pools where people can bathe.

pointe noire main street Pointe Noire, the main street southbound, rue de la République
pointe noire eglise Pointe Noire the church
pointe noire memorial Pointe Noire, the surprising memorial


caraibes beach, pointe noire Caraibes beach, Pointe Noire


petite anse beach, pointe noire Petite Anse beach, Pointe Noire


pointe noire, notre dame des larmes Notre Dame des Larmes sanctuary, Pointe Noire