Going up the west coast of Basse Terre, a few kilometers after the town of Bouillante we go along the coast through the locality of Pigeon. After a small peak on the road, we reach the beach of Malendure, the first nice beach on our northbound journey. A large (but not enough!) parking place, a beach of very fine gray sand at the base of the heights. Several small restaurants, a few souvenir shops (more or less locally made) and quantity of diving companies and other water sports providers.

The place is very busy, not the quietest beach, except before 9:00 in the morning! Every tourist, sometimes by full buses, come diving here, or do some snorkeling  around the islets. The reason is simple : this place is a protected natural reserve called "Réserve Cousteau". It would appear that the famous sailor filmmaker would have carried out a few scenes of his film "Le Monde du Silence". A bust has moreover been immersed near the islets. However this is not the principal attraction... The colorful fishes and the marine landscape are sufficient to attract everyone.

Anyway, diver or not, this part of Basse Terre is unavoidable and you necessarily stop there, on the shore or in the hills above Pigeon that provide a superb panorama.

The small film and few pictures on this page introduce the place.

A small promenade on the beach, the islets full of all kinds of fishes before coming back towards the coast of Malendure with the rain forest covering the mountains overlooking the place.

Discover the famous "Cousteau Reserve", underwater protected area off Malendure, courtesy of PPK Plongée Guadeloupe. More videos on its chaine Youtube!

malendure, guadeloupe, pigeon, plage, basse terre The beach early in the morning, a real pleasure!
malendure, guadeloupe, pigeon, plage, basse terre The islets, viewed from the beach.


There are several restaurants or snacks on the beach, with rather affordable menus but none of them stands out from the lot.