By continuing the road towards Sainte Rose in the north of Deshaies, a few kilometers after the beach of Grande Anse we see the cove of la Perle.


Just pass the hills overlooking Grande Anse in the north to go down again towards the shore and discover on your left, on a straight line, a sign indicating the beach of La Perle.


A long beach with fine yellow sand, trees for protection, tables and benches, some small restaurants. A real postcard scenery where time stops just to let you enjoy the view and the pleasure of life. Everything is there even showers, very basic but working!


For some years now the beach has decreased through the action of the sea, it may even be hazardous in case of swell, especially for children, but it is still one of the finest on this coast!


In clear weather it is even possible to see offshore the island of Montserrat devastated by volcanic eruptions and partially prohibited.

Guadeloupe, FWI, beach, La Perle, overall view Overal view of the beach, with a lot of surf this day!
guadeloupe, beach, la perle, basse terre, FWI, french west indies Behind the beach, shadow and pretty restaurants. The waves tend to shrink the beach.

A small walk on the beach, with a local tune! (Music Kassav)