bouillante, guadeloupe, basse terre, côte sous le vent, karukera Overview of the coastline from Bouillante heights
bouillante, guadeloupe, karukera, malendure The town as seen from the North coast
bouillante, guadeloupe, karukera, malendure Bouillante, with its geothermal plant

Bouillante is a very old town founded in the 17th century. Its present name comes from the hot springs that gush in the municipality.

The town benefits from this geothermal energy whose plant is located at the southern entrance of the agglomeration.
This causes sometimes quite distressing sulfurized odors.

The town itself does not shows a large tourist attraction. It is located along the coast on a rather unfriendly shore. No beach in town, only aligned rocks to protect the walk of the seaside.

A beautiful church with its square, some local shops (including a supermarket manned by Chinese!) And some interesting Creole houses.


Some views ot the town

The town starts in the South amid the Anse à The barque, when leaving the town of Vieux Habitants.

anse a la barque, bouillante, guadeloupe, karukera The superb Anse à la Barque
petite anse, bouillante, guadeloupe, karukera The beach of Petite Anse with its translucent waters


On leaving it, a bit further on the right side a twisty road leads to the memorial of Liberty, with a path culminating in a sculpture, Homme Libre, by Richard-Viktor SAINSILY CAYOL. A great tribute inaugurated in 2012.


Next comes Thomas Ravine with his bathtub with hot water frequently overcrowded.

The access is easy. We must, going north towards the town, to take the little road which lies on the left immediately following the small bridge across the river Thomas. After 100m, on the seafront, a paved parking. Take by foot the way north, about 5 minutes walk to reach the pool.

FONDS DU CURE (Priest's bath)

On leaving the town of Bouillante northwards we arrive in the sector of Pigeon.

But right before on the descent leading to the waterfront Pigeon, a road on the left, just between the gendarmerie and the church, leads to the Anse à Sable.
This beach, not very pleasant, houses just at the end the remains of a blue building, the Fonds du Curé. In a very bad condition, but a stream of hot water still flows into a basin.


The sea front of Pigeon with restaurants and shops, leads us to Malendure beach, facing the Ilets Pigeon, a renowned spot for scuba diving and Tourism.
From Bouillante the road ends, just before Pointe Noire, at la Traversée and its zoological park Les Mamelles.