grande anse, guadeloupe, pla,; carte, deshaies, plage Grande Anse, our partner

By going northward after passing through the town of Deshaies, nestled in a lovely bay, we come to a superb beach, probably the nicest of Basse Terre ..

 A large crescent of very fine sand, with, behind a cluster of trees to provide shade and just on the edge, several small restaurants and shops.

 Parking is quite sporty, the soil looks more like the moon than a road therefore just drive with care!

 The beach is very elongated, forming a truly heavenly landscape.

 The sea bottoms go down fast and waves, usually big, can be hazardous for younger children. So beware! But otherwise it is a treat!


The is a popular spot on weekends! Choose instead to go there on weekdays! Anyway, no matter where you reside in Guadeloupe you will not avoid the attraction of this place ...


To creat the right mood, two small animated panoramas.

Welcomme to this marvelous beach!

 Watch and get ready  for visiting!

grande anse, guadeloupe, plage, deshaies
grande anse, guadeloupe, deshaies, plage Seen from the top of the road leading to Sainte Rose, the beach looks like a golden ribbon on the seaside.
grande anse, guadeloupe, deshaies, plage The size of the beach allows to be quite alone... almost anytime!