This page presents a paradise, as it should have remained on.
The images show this islet some years ago.
It has now nearly disappeared, reduced to a trickle mainly by the exploitation of sea sand by private construction companies.

The natural treasures condemned by fast profits...

Islet Caret: north of Sainte Rose, just before the coral reef, are several desert islets, true postcard images. Some are nothing but small heaps of sand with some palm trees and sparse vegetation.


These islets shrink and change in shape through the years, according to the swells, wind, currents and ... tourists.


Permanent visiting constitutes a mortal danger for these frail areas even though most providers are responsible people seeking to protect those islets which are their livelihood ... and one of the charms of Guadeloupe!


But some, like the islet Labiche (now under the water!) and, more or less quickly, Islet Caret are inexorably disappearing under the assaults of the sea and some irresponsible behaviours ..


Among these, the perfect example of trashing: for years the Mercury engine company has, with the blessing of local authorities, organized orgies of thousands of people (with heavy equipment, trampling, waste)which by massacre of the poor existing plants and destruction of surrounding seabed have contributed to the acceleration the demise of the site.


In short, the Guadeloupe (local authorities and tourism actors) has to choose the right way to keep this treasure !!!


Besides the view, the heavenly place in the middle of the ocean, the islet close to the coral reef, provides very rich seabed accessible with a simple mask ...

Some images below, just to tempt you!!!


Visit Islet Caret! This is in our view an essential excursion during a stay in Guadeloupe.

There are many ways to go there either by kayak, Zodiac or motor boat. Trips to half-day or entire day, which we suggest.


The choice of the service provider is essential because this tour can be truly memorable.

The best is obviously to discover simultaneously the mangroves with adequate explanations!


Tested and appreciated the tour with Jean-Luc and Marie-Laure aboard the Cerola, to Caret islet, and much more (see the top of the page!).


But first, a small moving view, just for the mood!


ilet caret, guadeloupe, sainte rose

CARET islet

 ilet caret, guadeloupe, sainte rose Caret islet, viewed from the sea. In the background, the mountains of the basse Terre



fajou islet, guadeloupe, karukera, sainte rose The Fajou islet, quite deserted
white islet, ilet blanc, guadeloupe, karukera the "White islet", a birds shelter for nesting
white islet, ilet blanc, guadeloupe, karukera Access to "White islet" is forbidden during the nesting season
labiche islet, guadeloupe, karukera, sainte rose The Labiche islet, now totally sumersed
labiche islet, guadeloupe, karukera, sainte rose Five years ago the hut already in the water, but still reachable.