The northern coast has an important town, St. Rose. The town itself does not offer any particular curiosity, apart from a pleasant market in the center and maybe the fishing harbor at the seaside.


On the west side, some lovely beaches, often less crowded and more savage than those we find immediately after Deshaies.


In the south of the city, two interesting activities to do, Museum of Rum and particularly the Ecomuseum, keeper of the local traditions, an essential place for anyone wishing to know the Guadeloupe and Life "an tan lontan" (formerly).


By continuing the route to the East we come across mostly commercial or industrial activity zones,.


Sainte-Rose is also the privileged departure point for for excursions such as the stunning paradise small islands and the Mangrove in Grand Cul de Sac Marin.

guadeloupe, basse terre,map, north coast, sainte-rose The north coast of the Basse Terre (map Géoportail)