Just south of the Basse Terre, down the road running across Dole, the small town of Trois Rivières represents the perfect starting point to Les Saintes.

The township, very large, is named after the three rivers which pass through: Grande Anse River, Petit Carbet River and River Trou du Chien.


The region is highly fertile and has produced several kinds of crops before being dedicated to sugar cane and recently the banana.


The town itself, established above the harbor, includes some streets adorned with Creole houses in more or less good condition. There is a large market hall close to the harbor, which concentrates the bulk of the activity.

Next to the harbor a large car park for those embarking to the Saints, and ticket of the companies which serve this archipelago.


Right beside the town lies the park of Roches Gravées, archaeological site witness of the culture of Arawak Indians.

A small overview of Trois Rivieres town and harbour while leaving for Les Saintes.

trois rivieres, guadeloupe, port
trois rivieres, guadeloupe, karukera The harbor area of Trois Riviéres, seen from the exit.


When leaving Trois Rivières westward by following the coastline towards Basse Terre we come to the beach of Grande Anse. No connection with the other Grande Anse beach located north of Deshaies.


This is a large black sandy beach lined with coconut trees, with shaded carbets. Ample parking is provided and on the other side of the road, a few restaurants for lunch.


The beach is a walk and practice favorite place in the morning for pedestrians who walk along its entire length. Bathing may be hazardous as the waves can be rather strong.

Very beautiful sight on Les Saintes.

grande anse, trois rivieres, guadeloupe Grande Anse,the eastern tip of the beach


At the extremity of the island, before following the shore towards the city of Basse Terre, the road offers a lovely panorama which brings us to Vieux Fort.

In this small town the French colonists, settled since 1635, had built a fort to guard the bay of Basse Terre.
The remains of the fort are interesting, with the batteries of cannons still there and a great view of Les Saintes.

Inside the fort, do not miss the embroidery center where artist ladies do an amazing job with a very different technique from the one used in France.

You can find and purchase unique and magnificent items a bit pricey but ... the quality of this handicrafts is priceless! Sadly succession does not seem guaranteed!

vieux fort, guadeloupe, trois rivieres, les saintes From the heights of Vieux Fort, panorama towards Les Saintes
vieux fort, broderie, guadeloupe, trois rivieres The marvellous embroidery work. A must to bring back home!