The southern portion of Basse Terre obviously includes the
administrative capital city, the prefecture, Basse Terre. But it is mostly the area where we find the highest landforms like the volcano La Soufrière.

Inland, around the massif of Monts Caraïbes, the region of the waterfalls and warm water pools.


Down the road going towards Trois Rivières, privileged starting point to travel to Les Saintes, at Dole, there are the springs of local drinking water, the CAPES. The location includes several warm water pools very popular among locals and tourists.


Trois Rivières is worth a stop even only by the presence of archaeological and botanical Park of "the Engraved Rocks" testament to the Amerindian presence.


At the south tip, Vieux Fort houses a lace center, with superb items made ​​in the traditional manner by genuine artists. Not to miss!

And you take this opportunity to appreciate the panorama to Les Saintes.


Slightly further to the east, a large black sandy beach, straight and well shaded, Grande Anse. Bathing can be hazardous because rollers and currents.


 Do not forget to pass through Saint Claude to visit an artisan who work to maintain the local heritage, "FACADES ART".

guadeloupe, basse terre, map Southern region of the Basse Terre (Géoportail map)