The town of Petit Bourg is located north of the eastern coast of Basse Terre, on the small cul de sac marin.

The town itself is not touristy, not a lot to see intramural. You can see many buildings because its location near the ring road makes it a perfect place to stay for people working in Pointe à Pitre.

But the municipality is very wide and contains numerous points of interest. It includes in fact a large portion of the route of the Traversée, including Cascade aux Ecrevisses, the botanical park of Valombreuse and the Saut de la Lézarde, a nice waterfall recently reopened.

The beach of Viard

Coming from the South, after Goyave, we find on our right the large beach of Viard.

It is used every year, as trash, by the jet set event Karujet. It is littered with oil cans, various garbage while the site is gorgeous and only requires a little bit of care to become a superb beach, one of the loveliest on this coast. We show it as it is, letting imagine what it might be!

petit bourg, viard, guadeloupe, plage, basse terre, karujet Viard beach, a wonderful site a wonderful site which should be landscaped.
viard, petit bourg, guadeloupe, plage viard, karujet, basse terre


The town of Petit Bourg

The town itself provides little interest, it is pretty typical in its lower part, with a small harbor, charming restaurants on the seaside and a large square in the center.

The seascape opens east on harbor infrastructures of Pointe à Pitre.

Higher up buildings and schools unappealing to the visitor.

Towards the mountain

To the west the town includes remarkable sites like the beautiful Valombreuse park, the leap of la Lézarde and a large part of the Road La Traversée, Cascade aux Ecrevisses, Corossol, Maison de la Foret and Bras David.


Petit Bourg houses a artisanal kassav "factory" on the western heights of the city.

Coming from the South, a sign indicates the direction to follow from the roundabout after the beach of Viard. The way is somewhat long and made us go over the RN 1 to reach the other side.

The best is instead to circumvent from the very beginning this roundabout and follow the directions on the opposite side, as if you came from the north.

The kassav "factory" will be on your right as a hangar.

petit bourg, kassaverie, guadeloupe, kassav, basse terre The making of "Kassav", West of Petit Bourg

The kassav is a Guadeloupean specialty, a cassava cake. This rustic root was eaten by the Arawak Indians grated and consumed raw.

It is now often sweetened, with grated coconut or other toppings. It's very delicious and nourishing ...!

Some stages of the manufacture, always as in the past "an tan lontan!"

kassav, petit bourg, guadeloupe, manioc

Don't miss this part of Guadeloupean heritage and culture!