guadeloupe, capesterre, allee dumanoir, basse terre, palmier Dumanoir Alley in Capesterre.

The town of Capesterre has limited interest as such. No special monument or curiosity. It is a quiet town like the whole eastern coast of the Basse Terre. The main road now goes away as a fast track.

From the south, entering the city, you can contemplate the alley Dumanoir, large royal palms lined each side of the road.

Sainte Marie - Christopher Colombus

North of the town, Sainte Marie is an historical site which saw the landing of Christopher Columbus in November 1493. A memorial commemorates this fact on the main square.

No trace of this landing remains today except some sections of wall of the powder store on the  waterfront.

Beach of Roseau

Between the landing location and the town of Capesterre, the beautiful beach of Roseau, perfect for picnics and swimming.

Major development work has been carried recently. For more images go to the page dedicated to this beach.

guadeloupe, capesterre, plage de roseau, roseau, beach Roseau beach, north of Capesterre

Rum and bananas!

Almost the same level on the National Road N°1, but toward the mountains, from a large roundabout a road leads to the Marquisate of Sainte Marie, that houses the oldest distillery on the island.

A little farther, the Plantation Grand Café is a huge banana plantation very interesting to visit. A special page dedicated to this place, in the "parks to see" section.

Entrance of the Grand Café banana plant.

To be discovered HERE.

Banana land!

A little further south is the land of the banana, the climate being convenient in this area of the island. On either side of the road banana display their bunches with the fruits wrapped in blue plastic bags! Not very nice but essential against insects! Do not forget that France is the main European banana producer country !!!

While driving, do not miss the sight of a superb Hindu temple near the road. Alas, visits are not allowed.


The town of Bananier offers no great interest for visitors but it shelters a nice little black sandy beach, the beach of Salee.

It is quite easy to reach, just outside the village, coming from the north, the road descends to the coast. Immediately before a wide turn going up  to the heights, a street descending on the left leads you immediately to a black sand beach where gentle rolls attract surfers apprentices. But it is rather calm in week days, with beautiful sight on Les Saintes.

Carbet waterfalls

Far south of the town, the roads leading inward drives you to the mountain areas and the Carbet waterfalls, a marvelous sight that charmed the Indians and, later, Christopher Columbus. Fall under the charm too!