The Water Garden is located at Blonzac, a section of Goyave. This section is named after Durant de Blonzac, owner of this domain in the 18th century. This is where this property houses the Water Garden, superb haven of peace devoted to Manman Dlo.

Manman Dlo is the mysterious Princess of the Kingdom of Water and this is a tribute to water, the source of all life and the woman who gives this life.

The park Water Garden at Blonzac is dedicated to water. This is neither a zoo nor a botanical garden but it is above all a charming setting for a nice stroll. But the discovery is here through the tree nursery, with perfumed areas and all the places having the water as a theme : crying rock, koi basin, river.

goyave, guadeloupe, blonzac, water garden
goyave, guadeloupe, blonzac, water garden Entrance of the park and reception

You can wander in a canoe on a large pond, enjoy the scenery from the point of view with an orientation table, view all the essences of the park, take a relaxing swim in the river, and even picnicking at the edge of the water before contemplating the lake with the hut of Manman Dlo, then the little animal park. There is an adventure playground for children.

Perfect for a great relaxing time in a Zen and beautiful place.


goyave, guadeloupe, blonzac, water garden, roche pleure, crying rock
goyave, guadeloupe, blonzac, water garden, river
goyave, guadeloupe, blonzac, water garden

Access is very easy. Coming from the North, after Petit Bourg we must pass on the No.1 the big roundabout of Montebello then turn right after about 800m towards Blonzac. The Water Garden is indicated. Coming from the south just pass Goyave exits (on the right) to find after a short downhill a road on your the left, pre indicated Blonzac, with a sign for the water garden. Another branch signposted to the left leads you to the park.

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