LA GRIVELIERE                             THE HOUSE OF COFFEE

L'Habitation La Grivelière, Maison du Café, is located on the heights of Vieux Habitants.


To access you only have, just outside the village, heading northto take the small road immediately before the bridge over the river. At the exit of the village lies on the right the new restaurant of La Grivelière.


Ample free parking at the left side of the road, beside the river.


After you leave the village the road gets highly narrow and winding. Drive slowly, do not hesitate to use the horn before the turns.


After a few kilometers, it is the discovery of a wonderful site in the forest, The Grivelière.

This old plantation, very busy until the 19th century, has long been neglected. Considered as an Historic monument in 1987 it was revived during the 90s thanks to the initiative of young people of the region, with the assistance of the Regional General Councilthanks to  the creation of an association, Green Valley, working to preserve this heritage and promote it, with all its traditions.


Visitors are of course welcome. It is possible to pay a single entry fee, but the best solution is to do the guided tour of about one hour. For if those who restore this area are passionate, it's the same for those who accompany visitors. Everything is perfectly shown and explained from the cultivation and processing of coffee, of course, but also the Creole garden, cocoa, vanilla.


The history and life of the area are not forgotten, with the discovery of restored buildings, among them the Bonifierie and especially the mansion. The guides immerse the visitor in this hard and self-sufficient life with its traditions and constraints. A perfect way to discover the authentic Guadeloupe and understand today”s way of life !!! This is mandatory, it should be done, and done again, and ask all questions to the members, they will answer with pleasure!


To give you a (small) idea, some pictures and a short video


La Grivelière in 2007/2009

La Grivelière in 2011/2012

Inside the mansion

A small video about La Griveliere.

It will be soon updated!!!

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All year long, on certain dates, the domain organizes thematic events about traditions and local products. All information about these events or the domain are available on the website of the Habitation La Grivelière here.


La Grivelière is currently in a period of major works due to be completed soon. Buildings need to be refurbished, like the terrace and the barracks at the lower level which will become accommodations. To be continued!!!


But the tours are always available with the same interest!


A store allows to purchase products of the domain or other locally manufactured items.