GWADA KALBAS is Murielle , a woman who decided to create real works of art by using materials supplied by nature.


She manufactures gorgeous effects lamps from calabashes and especially processed wood pieces..


Initially the calabash is a fruit of the calabash tree. This not edible fruit has a very tough crust, similar to wood after drying. It belongs to the Guadeloupean tradition as widely used for utilitarian way by indigenous populations and by former slaves to make plates, bowls, cups ... It also appears as a resonance chamber in some instruments within rhythmic music.


But through artists like Murielle, the Calabash is a marvelous decorative object. The method is actually quite simple, at least to describe!


The calabash is dried and then completely drained. Drawings are reproduced on the envelope, then represented by a multitude of different sized delicately punched holes.. The complete work provides a magnificent lampshade for unique environment! But Muriel complete this work by using a stand made ​​from "driftwood" of different species collected on the shores, treated and varnished.


The result is superb and of course, each object is unique!


Let the pictures speak ...

calebasse, guadeloupe, artisan, lamp In a dark room, the result is astounding.
calebasse, guadeloupe, artisan, lamp With its wood stand this unique lamp is fantastic!
calebasse, guadeloupe, artisan, lamp Hanged outside in the patio.
calebasse, guadeloupe, artisan, lamp Especially made on demand by a musician this calabash displays the artist, a partition and the instruments.

This artisan is located on the Leeward Coast in Vieux Habitants, specifically at Morne Marigot.

Coming from the South, from Basse Terre, one must go beyond the town of Vieux Habitants and across the place called Marigot.                                                                            

After the bridge above the river Beaugendre a road on your right leads to the Morne Marigot (direction shown).

From there Murielle can provide guidance and welcome the visitor!

We must anyway call ahead to make sure of her presence, it is not a store!

Another precision: a sole calabash is very light, and it can therefore travel by Post ...

For contact:, telephone                                                      


There is a Facebook page "murielle calebasses".

calebasse, guadeloupe, artisan, lampe