One can find, in Sainte Anne, the “Village Artisanal”, craftsmanship village.


But, like many souvenirs found in Guadeloupe (and everywhere…), most of the items sold in the shops are not made by artisans. They can be beautiful and quite cheap, even stamped with the logo “Guadeloupe”, they come straight from Asia and give a wrong idea of local handicraft, despite this later exists more and more, with very nice creations.


This page, and the following ones, are devoted to the Guadeloupian creators, just to show their expertise and the result of their art.


Of course the pages are freely offered to all local craftmen who would really like to promote their products. It's up to you if you want to sell and be known!


All are welcome, if if they meet the criteria for original design and local manufacturing.


To show your products and get your free space, just write to :


In the following pages, natural sand pictures, superb crafts made mainly with seeds