Location of the Guadeloupe in tne American continent (GEOPORTAIL)

The Guadeloupe is part of the American Continent, 16°1 North (like Belize or the northern border of Senegal) and 61°5 West (quite like Halifax).

It is located in the Atlantic ocean, quite half way between the tropic of Cancer and the Equator, some 6760 km from Paris, 3440 km from Montreal and 2970 km from New-York.

The main territory consists of 2 islands, separated by a narrow stretch of sea called “Rivière salée” (salted river).

The eastern island, “Grande Terre”, 586 square kilometers, is flat and quite arid. On the other side the “Basse Terre”, 848 square kilometers, is mainly ountainous, with a thick tropical forest, quite a lot of rivers and waterfalls. On the southern part, the volcano “La Soufrière” is 1467 m high.

Some other islands are part of La Guadeloupe :

- Les Saintes, small archipelago with 9 islands, about 13 square kilometers, located at 14 km from the “Basse Terre”.

- Marie Galante, 158 square kilometers, is a round and flat island, some 28 km south of the “Grande Terre”.

- La Désirade, 21 square kilometers, mountainous and long island located at about 20 km, east of the “Grande Terre”.

- Petite Terre, 2 square kilometers only, consists of 2 inhabited islands, 10 km south of the eastern tip of the “Grande Terre”.

Position of Guadeloupe vs Martinique in the French West Indies (GOEPORTAIL)

Climate is typically tropical with 2 main seasons.


The dry season, approximately from December to April and a more rainy period between July and November. May

and June can be considered as transition months. But for some years these differences seem to be less evident.

The lower temperatures range from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius, the average maximum temperature being between 28 and 34 degrees Celsius… from place to place. The weather is generally moister in Basse Terre. The trade winds blowing from the East help cooling this climate.

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